Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Road Ahead

Sorry that I have been absent the last three weeks it has been a journey of events since my last real post, Cinderella and the Tough Stuff.  After a year of unemployment I.Got.A.Job.  Just typing it kind of takes my breath away because I start on tuesday.  It is a very bitter sweet moment for me but because I truly believe in my heart that is is all in God's will I know this is where I need to be.  Here is how it all unfolded...

My post about withdrawing Augie from Daycare was on a wednesday night, the next day a friend contacted me about a job opening at his new job that he thought I may be interested in.  The friend isn't someone we are close with, it is one of our good friends brothers.  He forwarded me the information, it was for an Executive Assistant position and I was really interested.  I told Augie's teachers that friday morning that we were going to pull him at the end of April, and when I got home from dropping him off I e-mailed my resume, expecting nothing.  I have applied for over 300 positions without even a call back so I wasn't holding my breath.  Within an hour I was being contacted via e-mail about scheduling an interview.  I interviewed the following friday (the friday before Easter) with the Vice President, and it went really well.  He told me that he would contact me that monday if I was selected for a follow up interview with the President.  Monday came and went and I didn't hear anything back.  Devastated because I felt that my interview had went so well, I finally heard back tuesday afternoon that because of my skill set they had passed, but he really liked me and would definitely hold on to my resume.  Within 10 minutes of being told I didn't get the 2nd interview, I was contacted that after reviewing my resume the President wanted to meet with me and I was being scheduled for a 2nd interview that friday afternoon.  So two days after pulling Augie I interviewed once again.  I was contacted monday stating that they had gone with another candidate but once again they did really like me and would hold on to my resume.  That monday night the friend who originally told me about the job called me to let me know that he had resigned because he had landed his dream job and just wanted to let me know. 
 Two days later I received a phone call from a Director saying that he had received my resume from the President and Vice President had a job opening that he thought I may be interested in, he forwarded me the information.  And this job was probably more of a fit for me then the original one that I had applied for.  We set up an interview for the following monday (last monday) and that went really well.  The kids and I left the next day for South Carolina to spend a week with my sister and my mom came along too! While in South Carolina I received an e-mail wanting me to come in on tuesday (two days ago) to interview with the rest of the team.  I spent another hour there on tuesday and then got the offer this afternoon.  And if you are wondering about the crazy alignment, divine intervention of this job, yes this was the position that the friend who told me about the job resigned from, I just got his job.

So I now am shifting back into work mode, the kids will start full time at daycare on tuesday which will be an adjustment to us all.  I forgot to mention my office is NEXT DOOR to daycare?!?!? I couldn't have planned that if I tried.  Because of this I will be able to go nurse and visit with Addie on my lunch break until she gets acclimated.  We are going in tomorrow to hang out. 

So that is where I have been and what I have been doing.  I've just been soaking in the last few weeks with the kids and trying to absorb every moment of it.  I'm so excited for this job and excited to not be settling, this is an amazing opportunity for me and an amazing organization.  Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers throughout my unemployment journey and I will continue to appreciate them as we go into this next chapter.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

When I...

When I finally wrap my head around the events of the past two weeks I promise that I will fill you all in.  I must admit I have realized that when I get nervous I get writers block. I know me? Have nothing to say...never?  I actually have so much to say just not sure how to express it in writing.  I was thinking of recording me doing an interpretive dance but I thought that may be a little out there.  I also thought about maybe doing a little video diary, like a "Momma Cam"  but every time I tried to video Addie played with the keyboard.  Instead I will continue to type so you will all have to be patient until my nerves settle down!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Cool for Teachers

I was on the Ann Taylor Loft website yesterday and noticed that they offer a discount to teachers.  I thought that was awesome and wanted to share in case anyone out there is a teacher!!  Here's the link.

This Week

This week has been very exhausting, exciting, emotional and evolving.  I have so much too share with you all but so little time.  I promise to carve out some time on friday to fill you in on what this crazy week is bringing me.  Tomorrow night is my first networking event, I'm calling it Cupcakes, Cocktails and Contacts so wish me luck that I won't be the only one there!!

Talk to you all soon.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Cinderella and the Tough Stuff

I have been struggling for awhile whether to keep Augie in daycare or to pull him and I must admit it has been a daily flip.  I know that for those of you that work full time, you are thinking "what???" I would give anything to be home with my kids, and I know exactly what you mean and that is part of the problem.  I feel like Cinderella and I'm waiting for midnight.  As I have said before me being a SAHM was never an option, so now that I am I feel like I'm living in a fairy tale world.  Part of what has kept me guarded by getting "too" comfortable is keeping Augie in daycare.  By doing this I am constantly reminded that staying at home is not an option and that at any moment I will find a job and will be thrown back into the reality that I dread the most.  But for now, part time daycare is a huge financial strain, and although I do work during that time, Addie doesn't let me work the whole time and pretty much my work becomes a wash on most weeks and I still find myself working at night. 

So although I have been battling with this for months, I have been battling it alone, I haven't spoke of it and have been going through all of the pros in cons in my head.  These pros and cons have come with multiple tears, Augie loves school, and I love getting some time for me alone with Addie.  Well today it all came to a head and I finally feel a release. My mom called me, we talk everyday so this is no surprise, but today she brought this up and man if I didn't attack and become super defensive.  I immediately got short with her, giving her every con I could think of and making her feel bad that she isn't closer to help me and so on and so forth.  When we got off the phone I thought "well who in the sam hill was that?!?!?....what just took over me"  I'm still not quite sure why I reacted like this but the only thing I can think of is that my mom uncovered the fraud that I feel like I've been.  Well I went into school and talked with the assistant director about pulling Augie and it went really well, one major issue is that I'm the school board president and will most likely have to resign, which I don't want to do.  Then tonight once we got home, I talked with Augie about it, I asked him what he thought about staying home and not going to school anymore, he looked at me and said "momma not work?" I said "ya, momma would work a little, but Augie wouldn't go to school anymore....what would you want to do?"  he responded "Augie wants to stay with momma"  and so it was decided.  I'm going to keep him in until May and then pull him.  I'm sure between then and now I will go back and forth a hundred times, just typing it now is making it hard to breath and I'm tearing up.  I told Jason that he has to give me more time on his day off and he said "sure, ok", which you all know what that means.

Thanks for walking with me down this next journey, and whether you pray or not, please think of me while I try to find my glass slipper and make this all work out.

PS I called my mom back and apologized, I never want her to feel like she can't suggest things to me, I cherish the open relationship that she and I have and I never want her to edit her emotions or feelings around me.  We all need to have someone that we can literally say whatever to and never feel judged.  She is that to me and I am forever thankful.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Free Shutterfly Book

Just got this code from Pampers for a free 7x9 photo book I'm not sure if it's shareable but I thought I would share in case it is.  GT62-3M0M-GRKR-8JRRZ3  Let me know if it works for you too!

5,000 Mark

Did you notice I reached the 5,000 view mark!!!!! Thank you so much for reading and for all of your feedback, I really do appreciate it.